Essential Mac Software

Essential software to make your Mac more awesome. Not having some of these tools is like having half a Mac. Others are just plain fun. You have a very cool computer… enjoy! This is the best list of software I have come across. read more | digg...

An Open Letter to NBC re: Leaving Apple’s iTunes Store

Two years ago, the idea of paying $2 per episode for a TV show seemed almost crazy, thanks mostly to DVRs, VCRs and file-sharing networks. But the iTunes Store has changed that, and helped to popularize TV shows such as The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and Heroes in...

Apple responds: NBC wanted $4.99 per TV show episode!

Apple has responded to news that NBC will not renew its iTunes contract. In a shocker, NBC wanted an eye popping $4.99 per episode, which is up from the $1.99 price that over 50 cable networks have agreed to this fall. As a result, the iTunes Store will not offer any...

The Real Fake Steve Jobs

Sooner or later, it had to happen.  Yesterday, the identity of Fake Steve Jobs (FSJ) was revealed by a tenacious New York Times reporter.  Dan Lyons, senior editor is FSJ.   Give the FSJ blog a read–hilarious!

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