Support for Stricter Gun Laws Drops

Public support for new gun restrictions has fallen, and fallen significantly. I explain why.

Support for Stricter Gun Laws Drops

According to new polling by Pew Research, public support for new gun restrictions has fallen, and fallen significantly. The Pew Research poll released on Tuesday, surveyed 5,109 adults. It shows a 7 point drop in support for stricter gun control laws.  Overall, Americans are split nearly down the middle with 53 percent supporting stricter gun laws and 46 percent opposing them. It's important to note, that this survey was conducted after eight people were killed in the Atlanta area on March 16 and 10 people were killed in Boulder, Colorado on March 22.

Breaking down the data to separate those wanting less strict guns laws and those supporting the status quo, things look this way (no change to the MORE strict data).

Support for stricter gun laws is down from highs in 2018 and 2019, after the Parkland tragedy resulted in a renewed media frenzy and pushes for gun control not seen before.

Americans are divided on whether making guns harder to buy would have an effect on mass shootings.  51 percent saying there would be no difference or would make things worse, with 49 percent saying it would result in fewer mass shootings.

Americans remain deeply divided on guns, more specifically along partisan lines. As Stephen Gutowski noted over at The Reload,

Combined with the relative stability of that divide poses a problem for efforts by Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden to pass new gun-control legislation.

Americans are increasingly less likely to support tightening gun laws than they were before the pandemic began. The question many are asking is why.

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