The Most Amazing Video Of A Girl Playing Star Wars On The Trumpet

From There are many things that make the following video amazing. For starters, it’s called “Star Wars Trumpet” that should be enough right there. But no, it gets better. For the trumpeteer is a girl named Stacey Hedger, who appears on stage wearing the finest black unitard with silver sparkle-fringed sleeves the 1980’s had to offer. And just when you think you’re about to be blown away by her unbelievable horn skills,  she proceeds to pump out the most cacaphonous, ear-splitting rendition of the Star Wars theme imaginable. Thankfully, this doesn’t stop her from using her trumpet as a deadly blaster! And doing a killer Charlie Chaplin impression! THIS IS MAYBE THE BEST VIDEO ON THE NET, and it’s thanks to a little friend called COMMITMENT. Watch it now.