Top Ten Opt Outs

I have often wondered about the many “opt out” registries I have heard about on TV and online. The World Privacy Forum has compiled their list of 10 most important “opt outs”. This list has been scrubbed of scams and scammers.

As privacy experts, we are frequently asked about “opting out,” and which opt outs we think are the most important. This list is a distillation of ideas for opting out that the World Privacy Forum has developed over the years from responding to those questions. The list below does not contain all opt outs that are available. Rather, it contains the opt outs that we believe are the most important and will be the most useful to the most consumers.

Here are there top ten:

1. National Do Not Call Registry

2. Prescreened offers of credit and insurance

3. DMA opt outs

4. Financial institution opt outs


6. Credit freeze


8. Data broker opt outs

9. Internet portal opt outs

10. NAI opt out

At the WPF blog is the complete list with instructions and more information about each.