Why You Need to be Organised to be Creative

Mark McGuinness over at the Business of Design Online blog has written a series of articles (see links bel0w), on getting organized and improving creativity.  Often many of us pitch creativity versus organization and structure erroneously.  I believe organization and structure create (pun intended) an environment where creativity can flourish.  Here is was Mark thinks:

There, I’ve said it. Organisation, structure, discipline and habit – these often seen as threats to creativity. Not to mention corporate-sounding phrases such as ‘time management’ or ‘workflow’. We like to think of creativity as a space for untrammelled imagination, free from all constraints. Yet while freedom, rule-breaking and inspiration are undoubtedly essential to the creative process, the popular image of creativity overlooks another aspect: examine the life of any great artist and you will find evidence of hard work, discipline and a hard-won knowledge of the rules and conventions of their medium.

Here are links for articles 2 through 5.  This is a seven part series so be sure to catch the conclusion.