In Praise of Radical Transparency

One of the issues that every company faces is how much information to share with customers and employees. At work, there is a constant battle between disclosure of raw and immediate information and processing or summarizing information to ensure it accurate and will be understood.

Over at The Longtail blog, Chris Anderson has posted an article called “In Praise of Radical Transparency“. He states,

Perhaps the most interesting of these is the shift from secrecy to transparency. The default communications mode of companies has traditionally been top-down, with only executives and official spokespeople permitted to discuss company business in public. The standard rule, explicit or not, was “That which we choose not to announce is not to be spoken about.” Aside from some special exemptions, such as conferences where those employees trusted enough to go chatted guardedly with outsiders, employees were cautioned that what happened at work should stay at work. Loose lips sink ships, etc.”

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