One word, AWESOME!Iphone in hand

Everyone I have talked to that has seen the Jobs keynote, or seen a demo, or read about the iPhone has been wowed! When you think about what the iPhone does, it now seems like, duh? Why hasn’t anyone else ever done this. I bet the product teams at Nokia, Moto, Palm and Sony-Ericsson were all hiding in their cubicles the morning after the announcement–just as the management of these firms are hiding in their offices. I really think Apple has hit a grand slam with this product. My evidence, well, this is the first gadget that my wife is upset she has to wait until June to get her hands on. She cannot wait to dump her Sony-Ericsson phone and get an iPhone. Upon watching the keynote, she immediately “pre-authorized” the purchase of two iPhones–one for her and one for me :).
Interestingly, as I flew back to Seattle from Vegas where I attended CES (clearly I went to the wrong show), sitting next to the legions of Microsoft employees who attended the show, the topic of conversation wasn’t anything Microsoft introduced at CES (nor the Gates keynote, yawn), it was the iPhone. They all were amazed at the innovation from Apple and secretly want one. I wonder who will be brave enough to carry one around the Redmond campus?