The Map Just Changed

Ryan Petty
Ryan Petty

Apple Logo GreenToday, Apple’s market cap exceeded that of IBM. Apple finished the day at $186.16 giving it a market cap of $161.89B (IBM’s market cap is at $156.01B). Makes you wonder about Apple’s 1984 Ad.

Over at bbum’s weblog-o-mat he has created a graph showing the relative market caps for the leading computer hardware companies. Over at, they point out,

And while Google-watchers go gaga over its soaring share price (see “A six-letter word for bubble? Try gasbag“), note that an investor who bought Apple on the same day Google stock debuted in 2004 would have, as of the close of market yesterday, made 40 percent more than if the same money had been put into the search sovereign’s shares.

Congratulation to Mr. Jobs and the entire Apple team on this truly amazing occasion!