Top 10 Largest Databases in the World

Business Intelligence Lowdown has ranked the top 10 databases in the world.  They are:

10. Library of Congress
9. Central Intelligence Agency
8. Amazon
7. YouTube
6. ChoicePoint
5. Sprint
4. Google
3. AT&T
2. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
1. World Data Centre for Climate

The number one was certainly a surprise and the source of the article makes me a bit sceptical.  I can’t figure out who they are nor what they do.

Searching around a bit more I found a couple of glaring omissions. 1) Wal-Mart and 2) NSA.   There is a USA Today article which talks about both in some detail, obviously more is know about Wal-Mart’s database than what the NSA is doing with all those supercomputers and petabytes of storage.